What is Monoprinting?

Monoprinting is known as a painterly method of printing as it is essentially a printed painting. A monoprint is one of a short series. It often begins life as an etched plate, a lithograph, a collograph or a serigraph.

The basic image remains the same and connects each print in the short series.

The Process

My monoprints have been created using stencils, natural and found materials, metalic card, drypoint techniques and printing rollers along with rolled out waterbased printing inks. They have all been handprinted.

Monoprinting Techniques

Gelli Plates are a good way to start off…great for using stencils, textured tools, stamps, packaging, natural materials, rags, brushes etc. Gelli prints are ideal for creating backgrounds to overprint on or collages. There are lots of good demonstration videos on youtube.

The Benefits of Monoprinting

No two prints are the same. It’s a very spontaneous way of printing using painting, drawing and markmaking media. The most successful designs are simple ones. If you make a mistake only one print is ruined or wasted.

Fact: Picasso and Paul Gaugin used monoprinting. You can draw and trace to create unique monoprints too