Sheeodog Tote Bags


Foldable handprinted tote bags with handles or cords. Ideal for light shopping or walks.

Reusable, longlasting, handwash.

2 styles of handle straps

Postbox gift.

Free postage for UK and Irish addreses.


Foldable cotton tote bags with handles or cord. Handprinted designs from lino blocks using good quality fabric printing inks.

Measurements approximately 38cm x 40cm.

Two styles of handles/straps:

  1. Two ordinary flat ribbon style in the same material   2) Thin rope drawstrings that can double as shoulder straps so the bag can be worn as a “backpack”. See photos.

Materials: Untreated recycled cotton, fabric printing ink.

More than enough space to carry A4 books, shopping, water bottles, light snacks, a raincoat or anything else. No need for a plastic bag.

Not suitable for heavy shopping. Not waterproof.

Tote Bag Care:

The bags are 100% cotton so there might be a little shrinkage. Wash by hand in cool water. Rub gently, avoid rubbing printed area when possible. Spot clean stains with a stain remover.

After washing iron inside out with a cooler iron.



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