Children are naturally curious and ask lots of questions to understand the world around them. But adults ask a lot less for all sorts of reasons. And yet asking questions is one of the ways to stimulate our brains and keep them healthy. Here are twenty questions to ask when looking at a my autumn deer linoprint.

  1. What do you think the stag deer is looking at?
  2. Can you spot any hidden details in the linoprint?
  3. How does the autumn color palette make you feel?
  4. Have you ever been to a woodland during the fall season?
  5. What kind of emotions does the stag deer’s pose evoke in you?
  6. How does the texture and pattern add to the overall effect of the print?
  7. Can you imagine this linoprint in a particular room or setting in your home?
  8. What other animals or nature scenes would you like to see in linoprint form?
  9. What do you think the story behind the stag deer is?
  10. How does the limited edition aspect of the print make it special for you?
  11. Have you ever tried creating a linoprint yourself?
  12. How would you describe the linoprint’s style?
  13. Can you picture the stag deer in a different season or setting?
  14. What words come to mind when you look at the linoprint?
  15. How does the use of oil-based ink affect the linoprint’s look and feel?
  16. Can you envision the linoprint as part of a larger collection or display?
  17. What do you think the linoprint says about the artist’s inspiration and process?
  18. How does the stag deer’s horns contribute to the print’s overall aesthetic?
  19. Do you think this linoprint would make a good gift for a nature lover?
  20. What kind of emotions or feelings does the linoprint evoke in you?