"Red poppies and bales of hay in a field."


A little bit of background

I have been making prints for seven years and love it.

Previously I was a teacher who valued the creative side of the curriculum. And as a child I lived in rural Galway/Mayo in Ireland, spending every summer there after moving to England.

My printmaking journey started with a brief WEA course on printing without a press.

Then I took a degree course at Leek School of Art (University of Derby) in Creative Art and Design Practice.

Since 2015 I have exhibited successfully  – both solo and as part of a group of women artists called Take Ten.

Now living in rural England and SW France, with modest home studios in both places. I have become passionate about hand printing, exploring patterns, textures and contrasts through colour and subject matter. My primary inspirations are wildlife, the natural world and landscape.

I love learning new techniques and experimentation with mark making, textures, layering colour and using found objects.


Marie Keane ith Seal a lurcher sitting on a fountain wall in France

Behind the scenes

 My first studio was an empty bedroom in our Peak District home. It’s lovely to have a creative space where I can come and go at various times of the day. My modest studio is a busy place where various processes happen alongside each other. Ink can get everywhere so the cleaning up processes are crucial too!

Marie Keane observing the changing winter light in Fanjeaux

Rural landscape prints

Living in the Aude in France has brought new inspiration for colour palettes and themes.

A close up photo of using a dremel to mark make on a small lino block

Printmaking Studio at Home

Marie creates her handprinted original artist prints in her home studio assissted by her partner.

The linoprint designs are carved into the blocks using specialist tools. Marie also uses a dremel to create additional textures and details.

Hand printing from a registered lino block using a large metal spoon as a barren.

Hand printing Techniques

Traditionally hand printing is done using a barren made out of bamboo. These days barrens are also made out of wood, rigid plastic, metal and glass. A large metal spoon is very effective too!

The lino prints are printed in editions of 25. Due to the printing process each print is slightly different.

Marie Keane Art: Hand printed lino cuts, mono prints and mixed media artwork inspired by rural landscapes.

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