What is Lino Printing?

Lino printing also known as lino cutting, is seen as a traditional printmaking method.

The Process

You cut a design into a block of lino with a variety of tools available (from e.g Jacksons, Handprinted or Turners art specialists). Then  the remaining surface is inked evenly with a roller (brayer) and printed onto either paper or fabrics using a baren (a large metal spoons work well too). You can print multiple copies of the same artwork, which are known as editions.

Relief Printing

Lino printing is one method of relief printing, with similar processes to traditional woodblock printing. Linoleum is a preferred material when compared to wood due to its ease of use when carving. (there are safe ways of holding tools and lino to prevent cutting accidents.)

Printing Without a Press

Lino printing is definitely one of the most accessible and easiest techniques to learn from home. You don’t need a press or studio. You can learn how to make and print homemade Christmas cards or lino print art. Many artists start with lino printing due to its simplicity to learn.

Fact: Picasso developed Reduction Printing with lino.